buAt bODo suDaaaa....

buAt bODo suDaaaa....
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Monday, October 10, 2011

10.10.2011 → BuLLiNg aT wOrK pLacE

Bullying is something we all hope not to have to deal with much beyond the eighth grade. Unfortunately workplace bullies are a problem many people face. Unlike playground bullies who often, not always, resort to using their fists, workplace bullies generally use words and actions to intimidate their victims.  
A workplace bully may be your boss or your co-worker. No one should ever make you feel uncomfortable at work. If you are a victim of bullying in your workplace consider speaking to someone in the human resources department for help in dealing with it.
If you would like to try to deal with this situation before you report it, here are some tips. If you are being physically threatened don't waste a minute before you report it to both your employer and the police.
If you are dealing with a workplace bully:
  • Seek the advice of a trusted mentor who may have dealt with this situation before.
  • If you can, confront the bully in a professional manner, but only if your physical safety isn't threatened. Don't sink to his or her level. Stay as calm as possible. Don't yell or threaten. Often bullies are looking for this type of confrontation and it will encourage them to come back for more. Don't cry or show weakness either. That's usually what the bully is after in the first place.
  • Don't try to win over other people to your side. The way in which you handle the situation will allow them to make their own judgements.
  • Don't allow the bully to intimidate you or make you feel bad about yourself. You know your true worth. Don't forget what that is.
  • Do your job and do it well. The workplace bully wants you to fail and when you don't he or she will be defeated.
  • Make sure your superiors are aware of your work. Workplace bullies often try to spread the word that your are not doing your job well and will even go as far as to report the smallest infractions to your boss. Your actions will carry more weight than his or her words.
  • Don't allow the bully to isolate you from your colleagues. Keep up your workplace friendships.

hMMmm.....kenapa aku tetiba buat entry ni?? sebab aku mmg purposely cari article on how to deal with bully at work place. huhuhuhuh sbb aku terasa aku di buli di sini....cet!~

Apa tak nyer, aku tasklist makin menimbun...nak kna follow up byk benda...tapi snr eng aku buat bodo...walaupun itu sebenarnya job² dier....hahahahahha bagus kan...kat sini nyer style, makin tinggi gaji makin skit keje hahahahahhaha hebat²...chalow bete!~

dapat boss plak yg tak gheti nak balance keje antara anak buah...hehehehe tu yg susah nyer aku ni....anyway, skrg ni aku tadah jerk dulu....layan kan jerk dulu....but somehow, aku tetap akan try buat apa yg telah dinasihatkan oleh pakar seperti di atas...

huk huk huk


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