buAt bODo suDaaaa....

buAt bODo suDaaaa....
i'M tiReD oF tELLing, SCreAminG aND sHOuTinG aBOut iT..AnD thiS, wiLL bE a SiMpLe Way tO eXPReSS aLL bOUt iT!!~


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1.2.11 → Mid pERfoRManCe rEVieW foR FY '11

hmMm....skrg ni...every 6month, manager akan review kita punya performance....so, aku pun tek terkecuali untuk terkena review...

review yg daddy tulis utk aku...

H**ya* is progressing faster than expected, willing to explore new approach, frontiers, evaluation method. The result reflected her effort and hard work invested. She is well motivated and willing to scale higher ground, if she is able continue her excellence effort, then only sky is the limit.

Attach comment :- 
- Results oriented and achieve stretch goals. 
- Good performance standards and continuous to seeks for improvement.
- See changes in a positive manner with some guidance and direction.

Rooms for Improvement -
- Technical and process knowledge enhancement
- English proficiency on written report

iMap aku yg aku reply on his comment;

wow...didn't expect these comment from 'daddy'. i'm still a beginner in process team and still have a lot of things that need to learn. 

i've agree with daddy's comment that i have 2 major problems which is my knowledge/skill, and also my english. usually i'm using direct translate from english in my report. that makes most of people can't understand what i'm try to share/expose.

anyway, i still need guidance from daddy. He is really a good manager and patient in order to make me grow faster. He's tough and only tough person can stand with him. I wanna be that tough person. i need your motivation and also guidance still. 

Thank you for giving me your trust and support.

hmMm...amacam..okay tak....?
segan siot aku hehehehehhehe

aku pun tak tahu napa aku letak gambar ni...cam takder motif plak...

aper pun, aku mengharapkan aku nyer prestasi akan bertambah baik...bukan untuk mengampu daddy...tapi untuk diri aku sndiri...sbnrnyer aku byk lagi nak kena blaja...walaupun daddy tu kadang² menyakitkan hati, ramai yg tak berkenan ngan dier...tapi aku mmg takleh nak lari bahawa dier laa yg 'mmbesarkan' aku....tanpa bebelan serta requirement giler dier tu, tak da makna nyer laa aku akan menjadi seperti skrg ni....cuma kena tahan ngan cara dier....

bak kata mat salleh..."when the goes get tough, the tough gets going"

aper pun, thanks daddy...hope kita akan lebey serasi di masa akan datang...

psssttt...ni tak bermakna yg aku akan stop cari kerja lain okay!~


  1. daddy nie real daddy kau ke atau bos?
    aku tak paham


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